Point of View

A narrative is a story - something which tells of a sequence of events. The art of telling a good story has been passed down with the stories themselves from generation to generation, since long before tales were written down. We tell stories all the time ourselves, in conversation, we read them in newspapers, hear … Continue reading Point of View

Character (part 2)

Authors may also like to use the environment in which a character is ‘found’ or placed as an indirect – but very effective – way of bringing a character to life. The environment which one lives in or chooses is particularly important (e.g. a bedroom, or house, or street, or area where that person has … Continue reading Character (part 2)

How not to use metaphor and simile!

Successful metaphors and similes bring a literary passage to life.  But metaphors and similes are not always effective. In a recent GCSE English paper, there was a question that asked for a short story which had to include examples of metaphors and similes. Here is a choice selection of extracts from candidate's work: 1. She … Continue reading How not to use metaphor and simile!